Influencing Styles Profile

Find your preferred influencing style and compare it to the other 3 styles.

Think of some recent examples of when you have tried to influence other people. Importantly, consider carefully what you actually did, rather than what you would like to do. Then rate each of the statements, by selecting the appropriate number, where 5 is most like you, and 1 is least like you.

Tools - Influencing Styles
1. I like the logic of my argument to speak for itself. *
2. I am comfortable with stating my needs and being explicit about what I want. *
3. My body language tends to be expressive and expansive when I get going. *
4. I am happy to disclose information about my own thoughts and feelings. *
5. I like to highlight the common ground that exists between myself and the other people I am talking with. *
6. I remain calm and composed and relatively unemotional. *
7. I like to use my physical presence to back up what I am saying. *
8. Before launching in with my own options, I like to explore what other people are thinking and feeling. *
9. I like to get carried away with the excitement of my subject. *
10. I am not afraid to appear forceful in pushing my point across. *
11. I like to point out evidence that supports my argument. *
12. I like to keep my voice crisp and firm, so that people know I am serious about what I am saying. *
13. I like to listen actively to what other people are saying. *
14. I like to get the “big picture” across to other people, and paint pictures of the possibilities. *
15. I like my body language and tone of voice to display concern and empathy. *
16. I like to keep an even and measured tone of voice like a newscaster. *
17. I like to make people aware of the rewards and consequences of agreeing (or not) with my suggestions. *
18. I find it easy to give others prompt feedback in order to guide their behaviour. *
19. I like to structure my argument and label the points I am making a…b…c…, 1…2…3…, etc. *
20. I like to phrase my case in language that is concise, unemotional and business-like. *
21. When I have a vision of what could be achieved, I like to gather people around and share it with them. *
22. I like the pitch and intonation of my voice to convey the excitement of what I am saying and feeling. *
23. I like to keep flexible and open minded in my discussions with others. *
24. I find it easy to remain calm and focus on the ‘here and now’ of one-to-one conversations. *
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