Here are some frequently asked questions about the skilliki.com website and service.

  • Can I Use Your Content In My Own Work?

    You may use our content in your own work providing you reference the page of the website that you are using. For example, if you are using this in written work, you would reference the article title and a link to the article page. If you are using our content on another website then you should reference the name of the article and an HTML link back to the article page.

    If any content you are using is shown as being used under permission, then both skilliki.com and the original author must be referenced.

    Our content must not be used in any work which is being resold either for or not for profit. For example, you may not use our content in an online course or content that you are placing behind a paywall.

    If you use any image from our content, the copyright text must remain intact.

  • I've Spotted a Spelling Mistake

    Thanks for pointing this out. We proofread each article for accuracy, but there are rare occasions where something is missed. If you would like to see this corrected, please send us a message via the contact form.

    Our website is written in UK English you may find that some spellings are different to US English i.e. the use of an s instead of a z or u is used in a word where this may not be the case in US English.

  • Can You Tell Me The Author Of An Article?

    No one person is the author of an article on our website. Our team make regular updates to the content on our site therefore we are unable to provide you with a name or a date of publication. Should you need to reference content on our site, please reference skilliki.com.

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skilliki is a place where you can get the skills you need to succeed. We are a team of experienced learning and development professionals who share our ideas, content, tips and techniques to help and support you.

The website is a personal project that we have chosen to create in our own time and we hope you find the articles that we share useful and supportive of your own personal development.

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