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Hello and welcome to skilliki.com. We are pleased that you here. Here is a bit about our website and who we are.

Our Website

skilliki.com is a project delivered by a small team of learning and development professionals. The project is delivered in our own time alongside our current work.

We initially started skilliki.com as an offline project. It was more of an intranet project where we created articles to use in our own training materials. We would share them amongst ourselves and we would each add our own thoughts to them. We then thought it would be great to share these publicly as they could be a valuable resource.

Why The Name skilliki?

It has no real meaning. It was the name that we gave our internal project. It started as Skills Wiki and, much like other terms such as Brexit, it just became skilliki for short. We kind of liked the name so we used this as the name of the public-facing website.

Our Work and Articles

All of the content you see has been written by us based on years of research and experience. It is influenced by others of course, for example, the use of business models and theories. Where we use these, we actively describe our interpretation of them and how they can be used practically. We didn't want to just copy out the theory - where's the use or the value in that.

All of the articles on our website are free to access and view and, they always will be. You will see some carefully placed banner ads around the site. Most of these are links to other resources that you may find useful rather than just generic ads.

As the resources grow, we will begin to offer some items that require a small purchase. These will be resources that you can use. But for now, enjoy the site and our content.

What Would You Like to See?

How can we make skilliki.com better to make your life easier? Drop us a message via the contact form and we'll see what we can do.

For now, all the best

The team at skilliki.com

Get the Skills You Need to Succeed

skilliki, 3 Balkerne House, Balkerne Passage, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1PA, UK

About Us

skilliki is a place where you can get the skills you need to succeed. We are a team of experienced learning and development professionals who share our ideas, content, tips and techniques to help and support you.

The website is a personal project that we have chosen to create in our own time and we hope you find the articles that we share useful and supportive of your own personal development.

You are free to use the content published on skilliki providing copyright is acknowledged and a reference or link is included to where you found the content. Content may not be republished or sold at any value without express written permission from skilliki.

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